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Danielle Armstrong

Danielle Armstrong is famous for her appearances on the British reality series The Only Way Is Essex and for her Danni Boutique fashion business.

She recently has gone through a fantastic transformation where she has lost more than 21lbs weight. In a recent Instagram post that she shared with her 1 million followers she said, ‘I can’t believe how just by changing my breakfast and leading a healthier active lifestyle I’ve managed to lose 21Ibs and gained 7Ibs in muscle.’ This is absolutely incredible and Women Fitness congratulates her on her great victory.

To know the whole story behind her huge transformation, Women Fitness’ President Namita Nayyar caught up with the star in an interesting chat over fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You have been a media favorite ever since you joined the cast of the hit reality show Towie in 2013. Share with us your journey in the field of entertainment to making a mark for yourself?

Ms. Danielle Armstrong:

I become a popular character on TOWIE because I think I’m quite relatable to the viewers. The nation got to see me go through the ups and downs in my relationship and would find comfort knowing that they also wasn’t the only one. I think being on a reality show you have to keep it real always and be only yourself. I never acted different just because there was a camera around me what you see is what you get sometimes that wasn’t always a great thing but it’s the real girl attitude that I know made me the person I am today.

Danielle Armstrong

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

Danielle, you appeared on TOWIE for quite some time. What motivated you to join the show?

Ms. Danielle Armstrong:

I asked to join TOWIE a year after the show had started and at that point I had seen how successful the show was and how the nation had fell in love with Essex and our lifestyle. I was also at the time dating my now Ex James Lock so it became obvious for me to join. I also wanted to bring my straight talking bubbly personality to the show.

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