Top 10 Songs to Charge Up Your Workout

Songs to Charge Up Your Workout

Let Your Workout be a Celeberation of Good Health, not punishment.

Sport activity  include fatigue and pain, music at this time can serve as a distraction on the mind from the pain. However, the role of music is not only distracting. Music’s ability to trigger positive emotions and to decrease the perception of negative emotions such as depression, anger and tension cannot be denied. However, keep in mind that this is true only for workouts with low and medium intensity.

Fast tempo and loud intensity increase the excitement and the arousal of emotions suitable for cardio training, while slower tempo is more used for calming down and relaxing for stretching etc. A lot of athletes listen to music before training for a competition in order to calm down their nerves or to energize themselves. Music improves the acquisition of motor skills such as coordination and balance. This is probably due to the fact that music reproduces certain bodily rhythms. Moreover, certain lyrics may emphasize aspects of an exercise technique. For example, looking at track and field (a sport that combines running, jumping and throwing), researchers found out that the song “ Push it” by Salt-n-Pepa better highlights the idea that the shot has to be put and not thrown – throwing the shot represents one of the most technical errors in this sport.

Songs to Charge Up Your Workout

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Workout?

  • Firstly, choose a type of music where the rhythm and tempo match with the exercises. Research suggests that some activities, especially those that are characterized by repetitiveness such as warm-ups, stretching and circuit training are particularly suitable to perform while listening to accompanying music.
  • Secondly, it is important to take the intensity of the activity into account. When we want to raise the heart rate while doing a workout, such as running, it is better to select music where there is a gradual raise of the tempo.
  • In the recovery sessions, especially after a complex and structured workout, it is better to listen to music that changes tempo and rhythm, for example from slow to fast or from loud to soft.

Songs to Charge Up Your Workout

The Top 10 Global Workout Songs are:

  1. Eminem – Till I Collapse
  2. Post Malone – rockstar
  3. Eminem – Lose Yourself – Soundtrack Version
  4. Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE
  5. Axwell Ingrosso – More Than You Know
  6. J Balvin – Mi Gente (feat. Beyoncé)
  7. Camila Cabello – Havana
  8. Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me – Radio Edit
  9. Dua Lipa – New Rules
  10. Kanye West – POWER

Songs to Charge Up Your Workout

There is no doubt that music makes the environment seem more cheerful, enhances motivation and generates positive feelings. It helps you to enter a state of total intrinsic motivation, concentration and focus which is necessary in exercise to perform at your very best.

Make sure you download them.


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