Top 10 Beauty Quick Fixes

Problem: You Have a Bad Case of “Hat” Hair

Solution: If you can plan ahead when wearing a hat, don’t apply too many styling products. After removing your hat, spritz your hair with a little water. Then, tousle and shake until all the ridges disappear. Back comb your hair gently from ends to roots. If this still doesn’t break a “hat head,” then add a bit of gel, and slick your hair back.

Problem: Your Hair Has “Frozen”

Solution: This actually happens to many women during the cold months of winter, especially sports enthusiasts. First, don’t touch your hair until it thaws. Your hair could actually break off! Then gently “shake” your head until your hairstyle returns to normal.

Problem: Static Hair

Solution: If you ever find your hair catching on to your coat or the walls, or that it stands on end when you attempt to brush it, always use a leave-in conditioner. If it’s too late, slick on a bit of anti-frizz liquid. Run a fabric softener sheet over your hair.

Beauty Quick Fixes

Problem: Your Feet are Aching After a Long Day

Solution: Add a few drops of eucalyptus or almond oil to your legs and feet. massage it in, moving your thumbs in small circular motions. Roll feet around on a bunch of small apples or marbles to ease away knots that come from wearing high heels.

Problem: You’ve Gone Too Heavy on Your Powder or Foundation

Solution: Spritz a little water on your face and lightly sponge off with a tissue.

Beauty Quick Fixes

Problem: You’ve Got no Time to Wash Your Hair

Solution: Dust it with powder or cornstarch, and brush through. If your hair is on the shorter, wavier side, take the front section of your hair, dampen it, and divide it into four sections. Wrap each section around your finger and secure it with a clip. Dry hair on a low setting, and you’ll achieve a fresh set of curls.

Tip your hair upside down, spray a spritzer or gel on the undergrowth, and blow dry. This will create new life and movement to your hair.

Still at the office? Grab a can of soda and wrap your hair around it. Adhere it with an elastic. You probably won’t have hair spray at your desk, so grab a little perfume (everyone should have a small container in her purse) and spray.

Always carry a big black headband for worst-case scenarios. It looks chic, yet controls and smoothes even the most unruly hair.

Problem: Those Roots Have Popped Up Out of Nowhere, and There’s no Time to Color!

Solution: Run for a box of chalk, and find a color that most closely matches your hair. Don’t think of using crayon. You’ll never get it out! If you have dark hair, use a matching mascara on the roots.
You can buy sticks at beauty supply stores to do this. They’re always good to have for those in between times.

Beauty Quick Fixes

Problem: Tired Eyes

Solution: Use navy mascara instead of the traditional black or brown. Most of us don’t keep navy mascara on hand, so just rub any mascara into that old blue shadow. You should have thrown out that blue eye shadow by now, but it might be lurking somewhere in the back of that cosmetic drawer. Soft colors like taupe and pink are better for tired eyes than strong dark tones. Blue eye liner applied along the rim of the bottom lid will make the whites of the eyes appear brighter.

Problem: Big Under-Eye Circles

Solution: Apply a concealer at least a half shade lighter than your skin tone. Use it after applying your foundation. Mix a bit of blue eye shadow with moisturizer. Follow with foundation.

Beauty Quick Fixes

Some Hair Protective Tips

  • Make sure that you rinse all the shampoo out of your hair. Most people don’t and the result is dull hair and an itchy scalp. Nothing ruins a style faster.
  • Have you ever considered adding hats to your summer wardrobe. Not only is it a smashing accessory, it protects your hair from the sun.
  • Trim your hair every 6 weeks. That is the only way to stay on top of split ends.
  • Work with the hair that you have. It is much easier to work with a straight style if your hair is straight. Straightening your hair every morning is not a lot of fun and can be extremely time consuming.
  • Learn how to use a blow dryer. There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t be doing that can destroy your hair.
  • Don’t wash your hair more than is necessary. When it is dirty, wash it. Its as simple as that. Washing ever day or even every other day sometimes is necessary.



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