15-Minute Fat Burning Dance Workout

15-Minute Fat Burning Dance Workout

In our busy lifestyles these days, it can be extremely challenging to stick to a consistent and effective workout routine. The good news is, it is not impossible! It is extremely important to carve out a little extra time in our daily schedules to focus on ourselves…even if it’s just 15 minutes! Short power-workouts are beneficial mentally, physically, and can be very FUN! My favorite form of cardio is dance cardio. When in doubt, Dance it out!!!


Even though you may be short on time, don’t skip the warm-up. Take a few minutes to prepare your body for movement with a quick warm-up and light stretch. Start with gradually increasing your heart rate and body circulation.

15-Minute Fat Burning Dance Workout

Example Warm-Up:

  • 1 minute light jog in place
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • Then circulate from Head to Toe:
  • Slow Head Circles (R/L)
  • Shoulder Rolls (Forward/Backward)
  • Arm Circles (Forward/Backward)
  • Hip Rolls (Right/Left)
  • 8 Leg Squats
  • Ankle Circles (Right/Left)

Now that we’re warmed up, it’s time to DANCE! I like to prepare a dance workout based on my mood and motivation. What moves you? Great music selections are a perfect complement to any dance workout, and the sky is the limit! You can decide one day to take a fun trip down memory lane dancing to oldies and classics or decide to put your fav current jams on and really get down. Either way is fun, just play with it and switch things up to keep it exciting. Different types of music inspires different types of movement and dancing. As long as you work up a sweat, dance your heart out, and have a blast then you will feel great knowing you’ve just accomplished a quick, fat and calorie burning workout while boosting your metabolism, endurance, and overall energy to help you tackle the rest of your day like a BOSS!

A Few Tips to Remember:

15-Minute Fat Burning Dance Workout

  • Since you only have a 15-minute window for your entire workout, I recommend choosing approx. 3 songs (depending on song length)
  • Focus on doing moves that incorporate your entire body and work multiple muscle groups at the same time
  • Utilize different Levels of Movement: Low Movement will really work your legs and lower body, Mid- Level Movement will work your mid-section/abdominals, and High-Level Movement will incorporate your upper body.
  • The more energy you put into your moves, the more calories and fat you will burn- thus optimizing your results!
  • Remember to BREATHE! Your body needs oxygen to function at its best, so practice good breathing whenever exercising.
  • Dancing solo is always fun, but a Dance Party is even better! Make it a party by dancing with your kids or a few bffs. Heart Healthy Fun for Everyone!

I got a few of my girls together recently for a lil dance party of my own! Below is a short demo from one of my fat burning dance workouts.

Cool Down:

After you’ve danced your hearts out, be sure to take a few minutes to cool down and gradually lower your heart rate. Slowly digress from high intensity to low intensity movement. Take it down to a light step touch or walk in place.

Example Cool Down:

  • Take several deep breaths- inhale bringing arms up, and exhale bringing arms back down
  • 8 shoulder rolls (forward/backward)
  • Side Stretch (Reach Right arm overhead leaning Left; Repeat to opposite side)
  • Leg Stretch (Reach down to your Right foot and hold for approx. 10 seconds; Repeat on Left side)

15-Minute Fat Burning Dance Workout

  • Quad Stretch (Right/Left; hold approx. 10 seconds on each side)
  • Calf Stretch (Right/Left; hold approx. 10 seconds on each side)
  • Pike Stretch (stand with feet together, raise both arms over head and proceed to stretch all the way down reaching hands to your toes/the floor. Hold for approx. 15 seconds. Slowly roll body all the way back up to standing position)


Be sure to stay tuned for more monthly columns from me as I share my world of dance, fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyle tips. #BeYourBest Everyday!

– Taryn T. Francis
IG: @taryntfrancis
FB: Taryn T. Francis


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