UK’s Queen Of Instagram Demi Rose Spills Her Fitness Secrets!

Demi Rose
Photo Credits: Model: @demirsoemawby Photography: @thetogfather Make U: hilakarmand Hair: @hairbycarlcampbell Styling: @mslaurielondon

Curvy model Demi Rose Mawby has conquered Instagram and is now ready to delight clubbers everywhere by becoming the “world’s sexiest DJ”.

The social media sensation originally hit the headlines when she dated 27-year-old rapper Tyga in May 2016. British babe Demi is originally from Birmingham, and has had Instagram since she was 18.

Internet star Demi has also managed to sign a modelling contract, after attracting the attention of US publicity group Taz’s Angels.

Check out her exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.
Demi Rose
Photo Credits: Model: @demirsoemawby Photography: @thetogfather Make U: hilakarmand Hair: @hairbycarlcampbell Styling: @mslaurielondon

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You dreamed of becoming a model ever since you were a child and your career began when you applied to an agency and were contacted by them within 24 hours. Walk us through your journey into modelling and tell us how it all happened?

Ms. Demi Rose:

It was all very exciting and happened very fast! I never believed I could make it as a model and at the time I was training to become a Beauty Therapist on my third year of college but I just knew inside something more exciting was in store for me.

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