Top 10 Tips to Age Defy Your Make-up

Age Defy Your Make-up

Makeup is just one element of the entire spectrum that shapes a beautiful older woman.

Smart beauty tips have positive influence on aging. By focusing on good health and exercise, using vitamins and supplements, and practicing smart skincare and makeup application you can posses a flawless skin.
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Opt for a warmer Foundation: Forget the rule that says your foundation must exactly match your complexion. Skin grows more pallid with age, so a shade that’s a dead ringer for yours can leave you looking pasty. Opt for a slightly warmer tone, a shade deeper than the old one. If you’re wary of going up a full notch, mix your current shade with the next darkest on the back of your hand, and then apply with a foundation brush. Warmer tones have fewer pink undertones, so they counteract ruddiness, too.

Age Defy Your Make-up

Apply Concealer only on the inner halves of your undereyes:  As soon as you’ve reached the years when you really need a concealer, it can truly let you down by sinking into lines.To keep concealer from drawing attention to wrinkles, apply it only on the inner halves of your undereyes to cover up any darkness. Or, skip a traditional concealer altogether and use a brush-on highlighter pen. The pens light diffusers make you look bright-eyed, and they’re moisturizing.


Avoid being Harsh with your Eye brows: The culprit may be the wrong tool, like an eyeliner pencil that is soft and goes on too strong. Use a brow pencil, that is designed to be hard and go on softly, so your brows look natural. And if you need to fill in bald patches, like a missing tail, use a powder brow pencil which adheres to skin more easily.

Add a lift to your Cheeks: Swirl blush ever so slightly higher on the apples. And forget stroking blush from mouth to ear; that technique only emphasizes gauntness as you get older.

Age Defy Your Make-up

Check Lipstick Bleed: Lip pencil is a much-lauded method for stopping feathering. Extra lipstick migrates, especially as the definition of the lip’s border softens with age. Applying color straight from the tube tends to load on more than you need. Instead, dip the brush into your lipstick and dab a little on the center of your lips (the widest portion), and then spread it to the corners.

Do not Overdo Your Eyes: Oily lids can spell ruin your eye shadow, but piling on extra will only make eyes look as if they’re weighed down with excess baggage.  Your best bet for budge-proof shadow: First apply a thin layer of a clear primer or use a beige-toned primer in place of shadow.

Handle Jagged Liner: While applying liner, avoid tugging at the outer corners of your eyes, this can cause skin to crinkle, and your line will not be as smooth. Instead, point your chin up and look down, so your lids are half-closed but you can still see them, and use a liquid line which won’t pull at skin. Note: heavy dark mascara or eye liner on the bottom water line or lower lashes can add years onto your face, by drawing attention to dark shadows and fine lines.

Age Defy Your Make-up

Go for Sage and Jewel Tone Eye Shadow: Avoid brown and bone eye shades, as they can make eyes look tired. Also be careful with once-“safe” shadows like bone; they’re often too light to cover discoloration on lids. Your best bets: sage and jewel tones. They cancel red and yellow tones, making the whites of eyes look brighter. And opt for taupes over browns. Beware of cream eye shadow, which are a no-no for older women. Opt for tasteful matte shades that give the eye subtle definition without appearing too overpowering.

Check Droopy Lashes: Lashes can make eyes look more youthful and awake. Use eye curler to curl each lash at the root, holding for 15 seconds. Because mascara. can weigh down lashes and undo the curve, opt for a curling mascara to help boost them. Take the time to wiggle the wand and work in the mascara. In fact if you’re pressed for time and have to choose among liner, shadow, and mascara, always pick mascara.

Age Defy Your Make-up

Short of Time: If you are rushed for time, skip the full foundation and just use concealer on problem areas. No powder is needed unless you have oily skin.

Opt for a multi-tonal hair dye that will add dimensions and give the appearance of layers, for an overall more youthful look.


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