How Sleep Affects Your Social Life

Do you remember when you always used to be worried about social events? It might have been going to the coolest party, or meeting interesting new people in town. It is likely that you were more concerned about your social life when you were younger and had less on your plate. This is because you had fewer things going on in life, and you were getting more sleep at night. But as people grow older, healthy sleep patterns tend to diminish. This results in a lack of interest in the things that used to be exciting. This includes your social life. A lack of sleep can negatively affect us in a multitude of ways, such as those described below.

How Sleep Affects Your Social Life

More Emotional

When we do not get enough sleep at night, it messes with our emotions. Over long periods of being sleep deprived, the emotions can really start to catch up with. We get hysterical more easily and will blow up at small situations. This means that we become quick to judge other people. You may even take things more personally because you are having trouble processing your emotional level (even if it is just a simple conversation with someone you just met). If you take all these aspects and compare them to how you would react in a typical social situation… it really will not end well.

Trouble at Work

If you go into work tired means that you are not on top of your game. You can end up performing poorly at your job, potentially costing the company money. This may cause you to feel more stressed every time you go to work because you are worried about making mistakes while you are tired.

Being stressed at work can result in you having trouble making new friends with your co-workers. Your co-workers may also start to resent you, and the extra workload you may be causing due to poor performance. You are not likely to go out with them after work as you have not had the chance to develop a positive relationship with your colleagues, creating a whole negative dynamic in your work life. Often, when this happens, we bring that stress home and carry to bed with us, causing another cycle of sleep problems.

How Sleep Affects Your Social Life

Less Sensitive

When your body is not fully rested, it will affect certain parts of the brain. One area, in particular, is our natural sense of social signals. Normally, this sense works regularly for us, and we can pick up when a conversation is or isn’t going well. However, when you are sleep deprived, you are likely to miss any sort of social signal and will be less sensitive to others. This can make it difficult for you to hold a conversation. People will not want to talk to you because they do not understand why you are acting a little bit off, and not like how you normally are. They will become confused by your behavior. This is obviously something that can seriously affect your social life, all because of lack of sleep.

How to Avoid Being Sleep Deprived

The best way to tackle the problem of sleep deprivation is to curb it at the source. Usually when people are having trouble sleeping it is because of the mattress they are using. Old mattresses start to sink and they lose all their support. If you are using an old mattress, you could be experiencing discomfort and annoyance in the night. Another issue with old mattresses is that they tend to collect allergens. Pet dander, old skin, and dust are common allergens that have been found in mattresses. These could be keeping you up at night and preventing you from getting a restful sleep. The best thing for you to do is keep your eye out for a new and better mattress. Memory foam is an excellent choice because it provides the user with comfort while also molding to their exact body shape. The best memory foam mattress depends on the person and their individual needs. However, you can find out more about the different types by reading online reviews or by visiting mattress stores.

How Sleep Affects Your Social Life


Just because you are not getting enough sleep does not mean you have to miss out on all the fun opportunities that you used to enjoy! You do not want to continue feeling tired because it causes issues such as being more emotional, having trouble at work and becoming less sensitive to the people around you. You have the ability to change your sleep patterns so that you are receiving the optimal benefit. Start by looking closely at your mattress and determining if it is causing the problem. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if it ends up solving your problem!


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