Health Hazards Of Skipping Your Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis, or the hardening and narrowing of arteries due to a build-up of plaque, according to research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 

Skipping Your Breakfast

Poor dietary choices are generally made relatively early in life and, if remained unchanged, can lead to clinical cardiovascular disease later on. Adverse effects of skipping breakfast can be seen early in childhood in the form of childhood obesity and although breakfast skippers are generally attempting tolose weight, they often end up eating more and unhealthy foods later in the day. Skipping breakfast can cause hormonal imbalances and alter circadian rhythms.

There are additional health hazards,

1. Bad For Your Heart: According to the research, atherosclerosis is observed more frequency among participants who skip breakfast and was also higher in participants who consumed low-energy breakfasts compared to breakfast consumers. People who avoid breakfast are also known to have an increased susceptibility to hypertension in turn, leading to clogging of arteries. This can even lead to stroke.

2. Increased Risk of Type-2 Diabetes:  Working women who skip their morning meals had 54% more chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Missing even one breakfast each week increases your risk of type 2 diabetes by 20 percent, according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The risk is even higher for full-time working women who miss their morning meal sometimes: 54 percent.

3. Unwanted Weight Gain: Skipping breakfast peps up the craving for sugary and fatty foods. Also as the hunger pangs are intense, women end up gorging down whatever they come across during the day. The higher your hunger levels are, the more the quantity of food intake will be. And, this at times exceeds the recommended daily calorie intake. A constant practice of skipping breakfast will finally lead to weight gain and not weight loss. Beware of going for long periods without eating because you are going to crave high-calorie foods much more because of changes in how your orbital frontal cortex works.

Skipping Your Breakfast

4. Risk of Cancer: Skipping breakfast can make you overindulge in food during the day time. This in turn paves the way for increased prevalence of obesity. According to research that was conducted by Cancer Research UK, it was found out that a person who is overweight or obese has an increased risk of developing cancer.

5. Adverse Impact On Mood And Energy Level: According to a British research team’s study on 144 healthy people who underwent an overnight fasting. The group was divided into three. One group was given a healthy, moderate breakfast, second group only coffee, and the third group was not given breakfast. The groups were then monitored for a couple of hours. According to the study, the group who were not given breakfast showcased the poorest memory skills and highest fatigue levels.

6. Hair Loss: A meal that contains dangerously low levels of protein could affect the levels of keratin, averting hair growth and triggering hair loss. Breakfast is the quintessential meal of any day and has a major role in promoting the growth of hair follicles. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for boosting your hair follicles, according to Philip Kingsley, consultant trichologist.

7. Might Trigger Migraine: Skipping meals trigger a massive dip in sugar levels, in turn, triggering the release of hormones that could compensate for the low glucose levels. This could  increase the blood pressure levels, triggering migraines and headaches. The incidence is higher when you skip breakfast, as it is the first meal of the day you are consuming after nearly 12 hours of fasting. So, if you want to keep those headaches away, do ensure that you eat your breakfast.

8. Affects Cognitive Functioning Negatively: In a research study it was observed that breakfast consumption enhances cognitive function in an adolescent population when compared to breakfast omission. While the study was conducted on adolescents, it can easily be extended to adults too.

Skipping Your Breakfast

9. Worsen Hangover: The best way to cure a hangover is to tuck into a fried breakfast, a leading researcher has claimed. On the other hand, Skipping breakfast could worsen the hangover by bringing down the sugar levels, inviting headaches and nausea. So, just have a healthy breakfast to overcome your hangover.

10. Metabolism  Fall: Just as you need to start your car with fuel, you need to jump start your metabolism first thing in the morning to burn the most calories possible throughout the day. Studies show that eating breakfast can increase your resting metabolism for the rest of the day by as much as 10%. A healthy breakfast of fruit and Greek yogurt, or a piece of whole wheat toast and a couple of eggs. You just need something simple and healthy to alert your body to start working.

Here are top 10 reasons to give a thought before you decide to Skip your Breakfast.


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