Fitness Expert Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe Shares Her Spectacular Journey As An Entrepreneur

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe is a Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Health/Wellness Writer, Diet Coach, Contest Prep Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Mommy Blogger. After spending years as a Before and After Transformation Consultant for numerous Diet and Fitness companies, with campaigns being seen in countless magazines and television commercials across the world, Jennifer has now created a successful brand name for herself. Each day she motivates hundreds of her own clients from around the world including providing daily wellness tips on her website and various Social Media pages.

Lets read through Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe’s spectacular journey in her exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.
Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You are a Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Health/Wellness Writer, Diet Coach, Contest Prep Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Mommy Blogger. Walk us through this spectacular journey and tell us how it all began?

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe


Ms. Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe:

My fitness journey actually began at a very early age when I became a Certified Personal Trainer at the age of 18 working Part-Time at a gym growing a client base while I went to University. One-on-One Training gave me such a solid foundation on how to work with clients and also very early teaching on how to be an Entrepreneur. Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing Trainers I worked with at the time that helped mentor a little 18-year old that had yet to move out of her parents home and see the world because if it wasn’t for their generous teachings of sharing their wisdom (and their patience with me Hahaha!), I would not have been able become the Trainer that I am today.

Of course after university I landed a dream job by working at one of the world’s biggest Sports Supplement and Weight Loss company (at the time) as a Customer Service Representative which gave me my formal first introduction into the Fitness Industry.

This role eventually evolved to assisting the Marketing Department with Before and After Transformation campaigns for our weight loss products which eventually paved the way to my specialty as a Transformation Consultant for various companies eventually to working for myself with my own clients.

I am so blessed for the amazing experience I had in the fitness industry and also forever grateful to the many people that I was able to work with sharing their wisdom and experience. Without them, I would definitely not be where I am today.

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