The Top 5 (OK, 6) Key Trends Spotted At Spring/Summer 2018 #NYFW

If you wonder what you will be wearing next Spring, wonder no more. As everyone from supermodels to editors head across the pond to London Fashion Week (and the month long trek that marches onward to Milan and Paris), we’ve already gathered five key trends from #NYFW we already love and are coveting. Many of them tap into the national psyche for renewed optimism in a tumultuous political climate. The design world has collectively decided to bring us all a bit of sunshine, Americana, and a major nod to the art world. With over seven days of shows and thousands of looks, as well as a renewed emphasis on street style, and “everything was lovely” at the ballet, wait Awards season is already starting again, spring feels happier than it has in years. So if anyone ever asks you what the importance of fashion is, the answer is it can completely change your mood for the better. No wonder they call it “retail therapy.”

1. Not So Mellow Yellow

There is a feeling of optimism and confidence driving Spring/Summer 18 fashion.  Bold yellow looks sent this message loud and clear down the New York runways.  Pantone has even dubbed this not so mellow yellow Meadowlark. It’s a confident color that coveys sheer joy. It’s bound to illuminate the world around you and be an entrance maker signaling a confident and out going personal style. Embrace it.

mellow yellow

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow


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