How To Celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day!

This day is particularly important to me, as I’m a firm believer of taking the time out of your daily life to work on your personal health and fitness. I believe women of all ages, shapes and sizes no matter the health condition should set time aside to focus in health and fitness. I love the fact that National Women’s Health and Fitness Day brings awareness to this topic. It’s a time when women from all over gather together in parks, recreation centers, schools, hospitals, etc. If we could take this day and make it something we do once a month with our friends, moms, aunts, grandmas, we could really start something great.

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Oftentimes working out can be a lonely one person journey. I know I work out mostly on my own. It’s been easy for me to maintain because I love working out and feeling strong and healthy. However, I also know that working out is not the easiest thing to keep up with for some women. Sometimes it’s because of scheduling, sometimes it’s because it’s hard to stay motivated, sometimes it’s because it isn’t fun and it’s hard. Having a workout buddy or doing it with other girlfriends regularly like an activity could mean sticking to a workout regime more successfully.

And let’s take it one step further, why not do one of these workouts with your mom or your aunts? Take out your family and go for hikes, walks, or do an easy workout class together. It’s nice to do something good for all of you in a fun setting and our elders need even more reminding when it comes to health and fitness. Cap off the workout with a healthy lunch or dinner and reward yourself with a glass of wine and share some healthy eats together. This makes working out so much more pleasant and a fun, social event.

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Now that I’ve discussed the importance of working out with friends and family, I want to also share the importance of working out even when you personally are not feeling the healthiest or in the best shape. Getting out, stretching and doing even light exercises make a huge difference. This has become extremely relevant for me as of late as I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and feeling large, heavy, tired, and swollen at times.

I know many girlfriends who are pregnant around my time frame have mixed feelings about working out. Some have opted out of exercising because they feel their bodies just aren’t up for it, and others try to work out but quit towards their last trimester. I have to say that while I relate to what they are going through because I’m going through it as well, I can’t stress enough how important it is to continue to push through. Join a prenatal gym or train with a prenatal expert so that you are always in good hands no matter what condition you are in. I like to start early in the morning when I have the most energy. I mix strength training with yoga, and a lot of stretching in between. This helps me feel stronger and more limber, less tight and achy. It also helps me feel more prepared for birth than laying at home feeling tired and beaten by pregnancy.

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So on Tuesday, September 27 this month, get up and do something active no matter what condition you are in and bring a friend, a family member or a large group of women you know. Turn it into a fun event to remind everyone that health and fitness is important. We can all help each other maintain these goals and encourage one another to stick to it!


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