Hair Styling : Soft Setting

Hair Styling : Soft Setting

Fabrics rollers are the modern versions of old fashioned rags. Apart from being very easy to use they are kind to the hair and give a highly effective set.

  • Dampen the hair with styling spray making sure you distribute it evenly form the roots to the ends.
  • Using sections of hair about 25 mm/ 1 in wide curl the end of the hair around a fabric roller and wind the roller down towards the scalp taking care not to buckle the ends of the hair.
  • Continue winding the roller right down to the roots.
  • To fasten simply bend each of the fabrics roller towards the centre. Tips grips the hair and holds it in place.
  • Leave the completed set to dry naturally.
  • When the hair dry remove the rollers by unbending the ends and unwinding the hair.
  • When all the rollers have been removed the hair falls into firm corkscrew curls.
  • Working on one curl at a time take your fingers through the hair teasing out each . The curl will be
    a full voluminous finish.

Soft Setting


  • For even more volume, twist each section of hair lengthwise before winding it on to the fabric roller.

Styling Checklist

You will need:-

  • Styling Spray

  • Fabric Rollers


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