Denise Herrmann Talks About Her Journey Moving From Cross-Country Skiing To Biathlon!

denise herrmann
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Denise Herrmann is a German cross-country skier and biathlete. She has competed in FIS Cross-Country World Cup since 2009. Herrmann has won several medals at the World Cup events. In April 2016 she announced that she would switch to competing in biathlon for the following season, not ruling out competing in cross-country skiing completely from the future.

She was born in Schlema/Saxony and grew up in Bockau in the Ore Mountains. In her childhood, she discovered the passion for winter sports, especially for cross-country skiing. After successfully completing her high school diploma in 2009 at the Gymnasium Oberwiesenthal and successful years as a junior sportswoman (3rd place JWM and 2nd place U23 World Championship), she decided for the route of the sport. Since that time, she has also been a sports officer with the Bundeswehr Sports Support Group.

denise herrmann
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Until the spring of 2016, she was a member of the German cross-country national team and experienced a very beautiful, intense and successful time. In the World Cup she reached several podium places in the Sprint and became 2014 2nd in the Sprintweltcup and 9 in the overall World Cup. After last season, she opted for a new challenge and found this with the change to biathlon.

Lets read through Denise Herrmann’s spectacular journey from skiing into biathlon in her exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

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