How apps can help you achieve your fitness goals

We all know how regular exercise and a healthy diet are core parts of our fitness regime. But it seems as though technology is having an increasingly important role to play in keeping us in shape.

Whilst apps can be used from everything from social media to online games, the latest generation of fitness apps have proven to be remarkably versatile in helping us in our quest for fitness.

Planners and trackers

Like many other fitness apps, MyFitnessPal can be matched up to an activity tracker so that you can work out how much exercise you need to do in order to burn off the required amount of calories.

But it’s the way that the app can be used to scan barcodes of food products so that you learn exactly how many calories you’re consuming that’s perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of the MyFitnessPal app. And with similar handy diet trackers like Lose It out there, there’s never been a better way to avoid junk food!

For those who like a short sharp dose of discipline, the 7 Minute Workout app is great. This provides twelve high intensity workouts that can neatly be slotted into any busy lifestyle.

And whilst some of the abdominal crunches and jumping jack exercises may be fairly brutal, the app has already enjoyed plenty of favourable reviews that suggests this could be great for a last-ditch attempt to get into shape for the beach!

Inspiration and recuperation


Many people overlook the importance of rest in any workout schedule, and there are plenty of handy apps like Buddhify that help you find a little calm after your exhaustive workout session.

This provides over 80 themed meditation tracks that can help you find your focus in situations like ‘being online’, ‘walking in the city’ and ‘work break’.

And we all know how good music can make even the most punishing workout so much more bearable. This is why the FIT Radio app has become so popular as it delivers specialist playlists that maintain a consistent beat that are suited to a range of workouts from calming yoga to frenetic zumba sessions.

Motivation and guidance


And finally it’s always good to know that there’s a reason for all of these physical activities. So be sure to give yourself plenty of rewards for your fitness endeavours. And whether that’s gaining some inspiration by watching a fitness vlog like Xhit or giving your brain a little workout whilst you allow your body to relax with some casino games, it all shows how it’s not just our bodies that need plenty of stimulation.

And with plenty of great workout channels on YouTube to guide you through some of the more complex fitness methods, it all shows just how technology can be a great friend in our quest for healthier lifestyles.


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