Top 10 Hairstyle Options For Women Over 60

Hairstyles don`t need to be boring at any age, especially at 60. Women in 60’s are blessed with special charm. They have already found their individual style and know how to present their looks in the best light. They do not need to rush between extremes. Older ladies over-sixties set the game rules themselves and choose what style to give preference to.

Layered grey hair1. Layered Gray Haircut:

One can opt for short to medium layered haircut to get a lift around the face. A flattering option for an older woman who knows she is gorgeous!

Blunt Lob2. Blunt Lob:

This cut is blunt and uniform with no layers. It’s a super-easy style that elongates the neck and makes you look more statuesque. It’s Perfect for anyone whose hair is fine or fried from heated styling tools. It gets rid of stringy ends, so hair looks thicker. What’s great about this cut is you can do a side part, a middle part, or no part at all.

Modern Shag3. Modern Shag:

This is Fonda’s iconic style—she’s had it for years—and it still works. It adds flirtiness. The slight bend at the ends is playful and fun—but take it too far, and it can turn into the Flying Nun very fast.

Long and Layered  Lob4. Long and Layered  Lob:

Timeless long layers and a little feathering around the cheekbones help blend bangs seamlessly into the sides. Sixties-style feathered bangs are really flattering if you have a delicate hairline or thin hair, because it gives you a little something to soften the face without a lot of angling. It’s an excellent option for women with long faces because it adds width.

Tapered Short Haircut5. Tapered Short Haircut:

This style is a tapered silhouette with luxurious fullness on top, combed back , and neatly cut nape. Note that hair on the crown is layered to accentuate its fantastic texture and thickness.

Shoulder-Grazing Haircut With Trimmed Edges6. Shoulder-Grazing Haircut With Trimmed Edges:

Catch up with contemporary shaggy finish on the edge that look tidy with a mischievous note.

Refreshing Pixie Cut7. Refreshing Pixie Cut:

It originated in the Roaring Twenties, when women first became liberated, made an unapologetic comeback during the revolutionary 1960s, graced magazine covers in the androgynous, rock-dominated 90s—and, by all accounts, the choppy pixie cut is here to stay once more. Keeping the top and sides longer than a traditional pixie can add volume, and change the shape accordingly.

8. Short Mischievous Cut:

You can get this cute style, sculpting your cheekbones and softening angular jawline with a short haircut with length at the nape and rounded shape. The messy pointed flicks should be left sticking out to all sides.

Fringes9. Fringes to Flatter your Face:

it’s the airy look, below-the-brow style that proves to be the most sensual. What’s crucial is the choppiness toward the end of the bang—it should be fine enough that, although it’s going over your eyebrow, you should still be able to see it. This style calls attention to your cheekbones, and if your shape is on the longer side, the wisps can actually help widen the face. If you have a small or slightly rounder face, a short bang will bring attention on the eyes.

Faux Hawk10. Faux Hawk:

This hairstyle is a playful balance of edginess and elegance. It’s wild enough for night outs, classy for dinner parties and chic for an everyday look. The shape of a faux hawk is very flattering. it’s a perfect choice for women who love mohawk style, but don’t won’t to shave off the sides.

As rightfully placed by one “This is our time. Let’s throw out the rules and embrace our own personal style. Let’s show the world who we really are, without fear or embarrassment.”

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