Surfing Queen Léa Brassy Shares Her Awe-Inspiring Journey Into The World Of Reefs & Oceans!

Léa Brassy
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Adventuring in the ocean brings Léa Brassy as far afield as the snowy shores of the Arctic Ocean and the remote coral reefs of the Pacific Islands. A dedicated waterwoman committed to living her passions fully, she enjoys surfing, bodysurfing, spearfishing and sailing. Léa’s adopted a nomadic and minimalist lifestyle. She believes in simplicity as a resource for wellness and sustainability.

Career Highlights
  • Started surfing at age 11 in Normandie, France
  • Moved to Biarritz, France, at 16 to pursue surfing
  • At 19, took her first solo trip to Morocco
  • Became a qualified nurse at 22
  • Surfed large waves in Guéthary, France
  • Took a solo road trip around New Zealand for 5 months
  • Went on a surfing and mountaineering trip with her partner in northern Norway in 2010
  • Started blog
  • Became a Patagonia surf ambassador in 2011
  • Started spearfishing in Hawai‘i with Patagonia freediving ambassador, Kimi Werner
  • Featured in short film Catch It
  • In 2016, directed her first film, Being There, about a surfing and skiing expedition in Iceland she and her partner took
  • Worked as a nurse on a remote island of French Polynesia for one year
  • Lives part time on her 31-foot sailboat in Tahiti
Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness catches up with Léa Brassy on her spectacular surfing journey.
Léa Brassy
Photo credits: Vincent Colliard (
Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You discovered your passion for surfing at a very early age and followed your dreams riding your first big wave at Guéthary, France. Walk us through your fantastic journey and tell us how it all began?

Ms. Léa Brassy:

I began surfing at age 12 on the beaches of Normandy thanks to my older brother and his friend. I was training for competitive swimming at that time so I was fit and confident in the water. Discovering the ocean was a whole new level of experience and I quickly got addicted to the feeling of freedom. Surfing has driven my choice in life ever since, always being in the front row of my priorities. I lived different locations in France then in the world in search for waves, wilderness, and cultural experiences around the ocean.

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