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dr. sandy

A board certified physician with specialist training in Dermatology, Dr. Sandy is the first graduate of the Clinical Dermatology Fellowship at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. This fellowship is one of two in the nation, aiming to meet the needs in healthcare for dermatological expertise. As a child, Dr. Sandy endured numerous hospital stays and doctors visits to manage her skin conditions. This provoked her interest in dermatology, but she recalls always wanting to be a doctor. So she cannot say which came first. Dr. Sandy also felt that the focus of her medical visits lacked a true assessment of the whole patient. As a result, her philosophy is to treat skin form the inside out, a “Holistic Approach to Skincare”. She is now Medical Director of Columbia Medical Skin Care and Dermatology, Columbia, Maryland and also practices in New York City.

Dr. Sandy is in conversation with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.
Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You are a board certified physician with specialist training in Dermatology and the first graduate of the Clinical Dermatology Fellowship at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Tell us more about your incredible medical journey and how it all began?

Dr. Sandy:

As a child, I endured numerous hospital stays and doctor visits to manage my skin conditions. This provoked my interest in dermatology, but I always dreamed of being doctor. I had a great deal of allergies and sensitivities and I felt no one listened to me. This was prior to the current movement in health and wellness. I was born and raised in England and attended college in the United States, with a major in Biology/Pre-Med. During that time, I became certified as a personal trainer, received training in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Once I started medical school, my interested in general health and skin grew. I completed my residency and fellowship in family medicine and dermatology and have applied my knowledge of the health of a patient and the skin to my practice.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

Introduce us to a day in the life of “Dr. Sandy”?

Dr. Sandy:

It varies depending on which city I am working in, but it always starts with meditation. Meditation allows me to quiet my mind and spend time with myself and the universe. I feel that childlike awesome excitement of a new day and try to remember it is similar to a game. After time with myself, the madness starts and so does my skincare regiment, that includes my Polished Holistic Skincare Products and sunscreen. I do my best to get a quick workout in, while enjoying a healthy shake. I am never in the mood for hearty meal in the morning but I know I have to “break the fast” and fuel my body. Once I have had my first shake of the day, I review my daily to-do list, return phone calls and execute my conference calls – all my way to work.

Once I arrive at my office, it’s all about my patients, back to back. On any given day, I am injecting Botox for wrinkles, treating dark eye circles, injecting protein rich plasma in the scalp for hair growth, removing suspicious moles to assessing diabetes risk, high blood pressure and weight loss and diet and more. I love to spend time talking with my patients about their lifestyle, daily routine and how it is impacting their life and skin. I also execute field calls about patients from other doctors, patients, insurance companies with my support staff during patient’s visits. I know how important it is to eat lunch, so I do my best to squeeze in something healthy in the middle of the day. After the last patient, I spend the remainder of my day reviewing messages, meeting with my staff regarding any questions they may have, returning phone calls and completing paperwork for patients that I treated that day. After talking about medicine all day, it is not unusual to want to connect with my friends who are in various professions, to talk about something completely different! No matter what type of day I have had or how tired I am, I always end each day thinking about how much I love want I do and wonder what the future holds for my company, Polished. One of the most important nightly rituals before I sleep is to speak with one or both of my amazing and beautiful parents.

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