Kick Yoga Stereotypes to the Curb with 1440 Multiversity

Get away for a weekend or five days of immersion learning with world-class faculty on 75-acre campus beautifully nestled in the California redwoods near Santa Cruz. Within easy reach of San Francisco, 1440 Multiversity is the nation’s newest learning destination.

1440 multiversity

Women Fitness recently joined Sage Rountree, endurance athlete who has taught Ironman® triathletes and Olympians, in an interesting conversation about 1440 Multiversity.

Sage Rountree is an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach certified by USA Triathlon and RRCA. She is author of The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, Racing Wisely, and Everyday Yoga.

Sage competes in running races from the 400 meter to ultramarathons and in triathlons from the super sprint to the Ironman. Her classes, training plans, videos, books, and articles make yoga and endurance exercise accessible to everyone. An experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, Sage is on faculty at Kripalu and teaches online at YogaVibes and at Sage Yoga Teacher Training.

Her students include casual athletes, Olympians, and University of North Carolina athletes and coaches. She is creator of The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga DVD and contributor to Runner’s World, Yoga Journal,, and USA Triathlon magazine.

1440 multiversity

Women Fitness:

Introduce us to the 1440 Multiversity, opening this May.

Sage Rountree: 

1440 Multiversity, the nation’s newest learning destination dedicated to teaching skills for mindful living, will open its doors May 26, 2017. 1440’s state-of-the-art campus in the redwoods north of Santa Cruz, California features an immersive, contemplative and carefully-appointed learning environment, and offers courses from the foremost thinkers and teachers in leadership, personal growth, health and wellness and more.

Named for the number of minutes in a day, 1440 Multiversity recognizes each moment is an opportunity to live fully.  Beyond the intellectual training of traditional education systems, the Multiversity supports integration of the emotional, relational, and spiritual dimensions of our lives to assist in better connecting us to ourselves and others.

Women Fitness:

You are a pioneer in this field with multifaceted experience as a coach, athlete, and teacher working with endurance-sports athletes and collegiate teams. How does your background help you in teaching Yoga to Athletes?

Sage Rountree: 

As an athlete, I know what it’s like to be in a yoga class while exhausted from training. What might seem easy on a rest day can be way too much for a tired athlete. As a coach, I know there are only so many training hours available in the week, so I prioritize the classes and routines that will deliver the most bang for the buck, keyed to where each athlete is in her training cycle. As a yoga teacher, I use this experience to create a noncompetitive environment for tired athletes that lets everyone work—and rest—at their individually perfect intensity.


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