India’s Favorite Social Media Influencer MissMalini Spills All Her Success Secrets On Women Fitness!


Social Media Influencer, Founder & Creative Director of MissMalini Entertainment, Malini Agarwal joins Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness in a candid conversation on how to become an internet entrepreneur and a top social media influencer.

Lets take you through her interview.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

In 2008, you founded, after having juggled between many creative careers like professional dancer, VJ, copywriter and radio DJ. This has propelled your career to the height where you are now at the top of the world of Bollywood, Fashion, Lifestyle and so much more. Walk us through your incredible journey into creating a niche for yourself in the blogging world?

Ms. Malini Agarwal:

My name is Malini Agarwal, but of course now I go by my digital avatar MissMalini! Looking back I’ve (literally) danced my way into a career in media starting as a professional backup dancer for Indie pop artists like Sukhbir, Shibani Kashyap, Channel [v] and MTV. I moved to Mumbai in the year 2000 and joined the first Internet boom running digital content for MTV, and Midday, then kicked off a 9 year career in radio as a drive time host and gossip columnist for Radio One/Midday and became the digital content head for Channel [v] while I started my blog as a hobby in 2008. Things ramped up pretty quickly from there as social media took off and I focused on my blog full time from 2011. Now I’m proud to say that MissMalini is a serious social media influencer for all things Bollywood, Fashion and Lifestyle and a leader in digital content; so what does it take to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur? Keeping your finger on the pulse of digital India, evolving with the times and a fair amount of FOMO! (*Fear Of Missing Out!)

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You are a world leading Media Personality, Founder, Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of How do you manage such a remarkable multi-dimensional lifestyle?

Ms. Malini Agarwal:

It’s simple. Like I said, I have massive amounts of FOMO! *Fear of missing out. Also I’m a master multi-tasker so that helps! My work and personal life tend to blend into each other as well so nothing really feels like “work” which is why I don’t hate Mondays like the rest of the world! I’ve spent my career dabbling in all kinds of media so I’m quite comfortable switching between various mediums. No rest for the wicked!


Ms. Namita Nayyar:

Introduce us to a day in your life.

Ms. Malini Agarwal:

That’s just it, no two days are alike! Some days I’ll be sitting in PJs blogging from my sofa, others I’ll be in hair and makeup getting ready to host a red carpet. When I’m wearing my talent hat I do a lot of Facebook Lives, celebrity interviews, play myself on a TV show on Vh1 as well as host a digital radio show on Saavn. As the Founder and Creative Director of MissMalini Entertainment, I do a LOT of business meetings, creative brainstorming and manage the content teams. I also love networking so while I might be at a Bollywood event I’ll probably be making a business connection. I’ve recently started vlogging again on my YouTube channel so you can see EXACTLY what my day was like. 🙂

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