Valeria Bonalume: 2X Italian Pole Dance Champion Shares Her Motto of Life

Valeria is an Italian pole dance champion, gymnast and dancer. She was born on 22nd Feburary 1982 at Monza Italy. The passion and professionality permeate all her work, and her artistic background combined with strength and determination allows her to be extremely versatile. She had Primary school teaching certificate (2001) specialisation in psycho-socio-educational at the “Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Carlo Porta” in Monza (Milano); Diploma of “Tersicore Lyrics, dancer and dance instructor” (2004) at the “Scuola

Professionale Italiana Danza- S.P.l.D”, in Milan (director Marta Levis), a 3 year study of the following disciplines:

  • Classical Ballet (Giovanna Ansaldo, Chiara Borghi, Paola Colombo)
  • Modern Dance (Eugenio De Mello);
    Contemporary Dance (Emanuela Tagliavia)
  • Jazz Dance (Dimitr Chabardin)
  • Hip-Hop Dance (Stefano Fantuzzi, Robertob Chierici)
  • Tapdance (Franco Panizzut)
  • Flamenco (Nicole Hazzan)
  • Jazz Studio (Roberto Chieici)
  • Acrobatics (Gabriella Crosignani)
  • Singing (Mariella Farina)
  • Acting (Lorena Crepaldi)
  • Anatomy (Sara Benedetti).

Awards won by Valeria Bonalume

  • 2 times Italian Pole Dance champion (2011 – 2012)
  • Italian Champion – Double’s category at Italian Pole Gym championship in Rome (2013)
  • 2 times Finalist at the World Championship “World Pole Dance Sport Fitness” 2011 and 2014 (Budapest and London)
  • Certificate of Professional Qualification as “Tersicorea for opera and Dance Instructor” Professional Italian Dance School, Milan)
  • 4th Level instructor CSEN National Diploma (pole gym) achieved at “Pole Dancing Academy”, Milan
  • “Xpert Instructor” Diploma (Professional Training Program)
  • International and National Pole Dance Teacher
  • Judge and Guest Performer for National and International competitions
  • Italian athlete sponsored by X-Pole (global leader company in pole fitness) and Mighty Grip (global leader company in pole products’ industry)

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