Top 7 Fail-Safe Steps To Wake Up Motivated

How did you feel this morning? Motivated and fired up or demotivated because it’s still not Friday? Perhaps you feel stressed with the amount that you have to do and don’t know where to start, wishing it was the weekend so you don’t have to face it.


But it really doesn’t have to be like this how would you like to feel fired up and raring to go everyday irrespective of where you are in the week?

I was thinking this morning how I just love the start of a new day, it helps that now Spring is here and the mornings are lighter, you can even hear the birds sing, it does make it easier to get out of your warm cosy bed. But there was a time that even in the height of Summer the thought of ‘another day’ made me hide under the duvet and it took me a while to realize that it was because I was running a ‘bad day’ story in my head before I’d even opened my eyes, I always pre-empted the day in a negative way before it had even happened – so no wonder I didn’t want to get up! Who would? So how do you change the story? How do you get that motivated and fired up feeling even on Thursday or worse still on a Monday?

Here are my SEVEN failsafe STEPS….

1) Clear your workspace (or the space where you spend the most time) the night before, this finishes the day so that you can start afresh with a clear head and a clear space.

Wake Up Motivated

2) Set your intentions while you are clearing, what is it I want to achieve tomorrow and jot these ideas down – plan the next day in your head and jot that down too (of course we are always open to a better journey but this helps us get going and keep us feeling good)

3) Then spend some time focusing your attention on what you want to achieve this week and over the next month – DREAM! Go beyond what you believe are your realistic goals; if it helps finish this sentence ‘wouldn’t be amazing if……..’

4) Get a great night’s sleep before a work day, sleep is so important and is key to feeling great the next day.

5) The next day before you open your eyes run through what your amazing day looks like, what are you going to do today – what do you have planned? What were your amazing dreams that you had the night before (step 3 not the dream that you’ve just woken up from!)?

6) During the day keep a To Do list (I have a jotter for this) and more importantly keep a DONE list (I use my diary for this!) – the second is far more important as it will keep you focused and remind you what you have accomplished today!

Wake Up Motivated

7) Keep a separate note of your achievements, this puts to bed all the ‘I’m not getting anywhere’ thoughts! At the end of the week you can then reflect on everything you’ve achieved and give yourself a massive pat on the back!

And an extra bonus step – the one that keeps you sane? Make being in that great space, where you feel positive, happy and motivated  your priority, have fun, keep smiling, enjoy your day – and if you’re not, then go do something else until you get that amazing feeling back.


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