Suzie Q: Winner of Best Australian Performance Artist Mantra of Life

Suzie has been a guest pole instructor at pole studios all over the world and loves the “blend of hard core fitness and femininity/grace that you find when floating through the air”.

She has been featured as a pole dancer on Home and Away, a stripper on Underbelly and a trapeze artist on Australia’s Got Talent. Along with her partner Toby J she won the Open Pairs division of the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships for 2010 and lives by the mantra “It’s not what you do on a pole, it’s how you do it”.

Suzie Q Pole Studio is the largest pole dancing school in Sydney’s West. Opened in 2008 by internationally renowned pole dancer Suzie Q and women’s fitness guru Charlee Fox, the studio now sees over 300 students pass through it’s doors each week.

At SQPS they offer pole dancing classes from beginner through to competition level, as well as conditioning, flexibility, lap/strip and aerial/circus classes. Their award-winning teaching staff includes current Miss Pole Dance NSW Amber Ray, former Asia Pacific Open Pairs winners Zahra Stardust and Stacey Minx (and also Suzie Q and Toby J!), Australian Capital Pole Runner Up and Miss Pole Dance Finalist Bailey Hart and Miss Pole Dance Finalist Daisy as well as professional Showgirls and Circus Artists.

At SQPS they embrace all styles of pole dancing, from fitness and gymnastics to towering high heels and dance styles ranging from contemporary to booty shaking! They believe pole dancing is for EVERYONE – no matter your size, shape, age, experience or background – you have something unique to offer the pole world. After all, “It’s not what you do on a pole… It’s how you do it!”

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