Sip For Fitness: Easy Ways To Prepare & Enjoy The Magic of Matcha Tea


There are plenty of avid tea drinkers around, including a growing number of people who are fans of the potential health benefits associated with the drink.

Visit and you will find matcha tea available. This green tea is a great example of a beverage that can be enjoyed for its flavor as well as its potential healing qualities, as a result of the antioxidants and other beneficial properties.

The joyful ceremony of making tea

There are plenty of us who seem to love the fact that there is something joyfully ceremonial attached to the art of making tea, and creating the finely ground Japanese green tea known as matcha, has plenty of ceremony associated with it.

You don’t have to follow the traditional Japanese method of using a special bamboo whisk of course, although there is a bit more to it than just dipping a tea bag into water. Matcha has an enchanting emerald green hue to it, which is created by whisking the powder into a frothy brew, or a mini immersion blender if you prefer.

Getting started

The basic accessories that you will need to make matcha tea the way the Japanese do, is a whisk, a tea bowl, a measuring ladle and a tea strainer, plus of course, the match powder itself.

The normal measurement for brewing a cup of matcha, is about 2 grams (or roughly 1.5 teaspoons) of matcha powder placed into your strainer. You should then sift the powder into your tea bowl so that your tea will be as smooth as possible, without any lumps to spoil your enjoyment.

The next step is to pour some boiling water into a teacup and allow it to cool down slightly for about a minute or so, then add about two ounces of the water to the matcha in your bowl. This is when your whisk will come into use, with a gentle but brisk motion that should produce an attractive foamy bright green tea in about 15 seconds.

Add the rest of the water and continue to gently whisk until your tea is smooth a ready to be served.

Sip for Fitness: Easy Ways to Prepare and Enjoy the Magic of Matcha Tea

Go American if you prefer

If you would like to try an alternative method that is a modern take on the traditional Japanese approach, you might want to try the American take on making matcha tea.

Start by pouring two ounces of steaming water into a bowl, reaching an ideal temperature of 176F will get you the best results. Hold the bowl firmly in one hand and the quickly blend in the matcha for about one or two minutes, until the powder has been successfully blended and a layer of foam has appeared.

The noticeable difference with the American method is that the layer of foam you create will not be as thick as the Japanese version, mainly because the traditional Japanese bamboo whisk and matcha bowl are purposefully designed to aerate the tea, whereas using normal bowl won’t produce the same results.

If you don’t like the matcha tea to be so thick, this might be a good method to try.

Fancy a latte?

Another way of enjoying matcha tea is to turn it into a latte.

If you would prefer your matcha tea to be a little bit sweeter and creamier, this is a method that could deliver the best results for your taste preferences.

Start by blending the matcha in the same way as usual, then add one tablespoon of sweetener, such as brown-rice syrup or whichever one you prefer. Out with the whisk again, and get to work until it dissolves, adding six ounces of steamed milk next into the bowl, before whisking it all again until you an attractive frothy tea latte, adding a small sprinkle of matcha powder as a finishing touch.

Not just a drink

There are actually a number of versatile ways in which you can use matcha, so that you can enjoy all the benefits without just using it as a great ingredient for your tea.

How about adding some matcha powder to your scrambled eggs next time? It also makes a great seasoning for side dishes, giving your vegetables and herbaceous twist and if you want another way to enjoy matcha in a beverage, it spikes up your cup of coffee and adds a sweet aftertaste,if you substitute some matcha powder for your sugar fix.

Matcha has plenty of tradition behind it, but it is definitely a modern solution if you are looking for a healthy ingredient to use in more ways than when in your kitchen.

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