Shae-Lynn Bourne: Ice Dancing World Champion (2003) in Conversation with Namita Nayyar

Shae-Lynn Bourne, MSC was born on 24th January 1976. She is a Canadian ice dancer. Shae-Lynn Bourne together with her former ice dance partner Victor Kraatz, this Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Famer quickly rose to the top of the podium. The 10-time Canadian National Dance Champions became the first North American dance team to win the World Championships in 2003.

In addition to being three-time Olympians, they have accumulated a total of six medals at the World Championships. The two innovators were the first ice dancers to incorporate “hydroblading” – gliding on skates with one’s body outstretched so it’s nearly horizontal to the ice. Shae-Lynn received the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Cross for speaking out against unfair judging practices in figure skating, and most recently the Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Medal for her achievements and significant contribution to Canada. Currently she is balancing coaching, choreography and performing world-wide.

Bourne began skating at age seven. She first competed in pair skating with partner Andrew Bertleff. She later switched to ice dancing and teamed up with Victor Kraatz in 1991.

During their career, they were coached at various times by Tatiana Tarasova, Natalia Dubova, Uschi Keszler, Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko, and Nikolai Morozov. For the 1997-98 season, their free dance was modeled after Riverdance, with footwork instruction provided by Riverdance lead dancer Colin Dunne. Bourne and Kraatz became known for their deep edges and soft knees. They were credited with perfecting and popularizing the hydroblading technique.

Bourne has skated solo in shows and tours around the world, such as Stars On Ice, Champions on Ice in North America and Japan, Art On Ice in Switzerland, the 2009 Ice All Stars and the 2010 Festa On Ice, held in Seoul, South Korea. She has also competed on figure skating reality shows like Battle of the Blades (paired with former NHL star player Claude Lemieux, finished 2nd overall) on CBC and Thin Ice on ABC (paired with American pair skater John Zimmerman, finished 2nd overall). Shae-lynn has done skating for “Make a Wish” the first 2 seasons of Battle of the blades, and she is now an Ambassador for “World Vision”.

Bourne has spoken out against child abuse. She and Kraatz skated in numerous charity shows such as “Dreams On Ice”. Bourne was the honorary chairperson for the “Every Life Counts” campaign for Chatham-Kent.

Shae Lynn Ice Dancing World Champion (2003) in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness

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