Joanna Littlewood-Johnson: Australian Pole Champion 2013 Reveals Her Workout & Diet

Joanna Littlewood-Johnson has a background in professional dance. She was the first enrollment in her mother’s ballet school almost 40 years ago and went on to complete a Diploma in Dance at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. She has studied classical, contemporary, jazz, tap and Spanish dance, performed with the WA Ballet Company and professional dance and musical theatre around Australia.

She is now a mother with two very active boys and is a Professional Pilates practitioner with her own Pilates studio. Joanna loves the challenge, strength and creativity of pole dancing and is thrilled she still has the opportunity to perform and be able to share her love of dance and pole.Joanna began Core Pilates in 2003 with a passion for helping people improve their lives through body awareness, alignment, core stability & functional movement. She completed a Diploma in Dance & performed around Australia before having her children & discovering Pilates.

Joanna has had extensive, high quality PIlates training with Pilates International & the Australian Pilates Method Alliance. She is an APMA Level 3 Professional Pilates Practitioner and regularly attends a variety of workshops to be constantly kept up to date with new & relevant information & gets excited when she sees improvement in her client’s’ bodies, movements & quality of life. An internationally recognised & awarded Pole performer.

Joanna Littlewood-Johnson achievements in pole dancing

  • Australia’s Got Talent Finalist 2013
  • Winner Australian Pole Championships 2013
  • 2nd runner up Australian Pole Championships 2012
  • ULTIMATE CHAMPION (Masters) International Pole Championships 2013
  • X-Pole Australia Brand Ambassador
  • Grand Finalist (Top 10) World Pole Sports Championships London 2012
  • 2nd place Australian Pole Fitness Championships 2012 & 2013
  • She is a certified X-Pert Pole instructor and is very excited to now be adding pole classes to her studio to be able to share her love of this fantastic art form and sport.

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