Galina Musina: Finalist at World Pole Dance Championship Advice for Women “Love yourself and the Whole World will Love you”

Galina Musina is a Russian pole dancer and was a finalist at World Pole Dance Championship 2014. She was born on 15th December 1992. She is exceptionally talented and accomplished pole dancer. At six years of age she started with rhythmic gymnastics and later started pole dancing and excelled in the same. Presently she lives in Moscow Russia. She was also the winner of Miss Pole Dance Russia Moscow 2014.

Galina Musina is exceptionally talented and accomplished pole dancer. She is a finalist at World Pole Dance Championship 2014 in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

Your practice in dance and sports must have started at an early age and was a catalyst that you fell in love with pole dance and reached the pinnacle of success by being a finalist at World Pole Dance 2014 held at Hawth Theater, Crawley. What factors you consider were responsible that made you achieve that?

Ms. Galina Musina:

I have been going in for sport since my childhood and my love for training has arisen long ago. Sport teaches you how to set goals and how to achieve them. The first woman Pole performance that I saw, has completely awoken my interest in this sport and I decided to try it. And of course when pole dance became a part of my life I wanted to improve my skills and be in progress.At that moment the main aim for me was to become finalist of International Pole Dance competition 2014 and I am so glad and happy that I did it! Now new future is waiting for me.

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