Cindy Landolt: World Leading Fitness Trainer Reveals Her Workout, Diet & Beauty Secrets

WW Magazine Who is Who 2014 has chosen Cindy Landolt to be one of the most influential person in Zurich. Cindy Landolt is the most famous bodybuilder of Switzerland. She learned from an early age what it takes to strive for her goals and achievements. She spent 11 years training as a Gymnast, laying the foundation for a future in fitness.

In her pursuit of self improvement she developed the skills needed to keep her on track both physically and mentally, this in turn brought her personal success and the ability to help guide others through to their own goals.

Through several years of studying sports, fitness, rehabilitation and nutrition, she gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of all aspects of physical improvement, allowing her to specialize as a Fitness Trainer.

She says “In my view, being happy means to find a balance between work, leisure time and physical activity. To keep a clear head during hectic times and tackle life’s challenges with a smile. Feeling fit and healthy are the most important conditions for a happy life! A healthy body equals a healthy mind”.

Using her knowledge and love for sports, exercise and movement, she is there to meet our fitness goals.
Cindy Landolt Qualifications: Nordic Walking Instructor, Fitness-Instructor with federal specialized document of identification Back Trainer & Coach, Nutrition Coach, Rehabilitation Coach Workout-Trainer & Coach Kinesis

She offer an extensive range of opportunities for women and men of every age and fitness level. She create programs that guides us through every stage and step along the way to achieving your goals. She do accompany and motivate us at every level.

Cindy Landolt helps and provide knowledge and training for Weight control, Fat reduction, Muscle gain, Rehabilitation training, Muscle gain after Operation, Endurance training, Nutrition planning, Pregnancy training and post natal shape up training, Intensive 2 month training for the summer or your summer holiday, Intensive Wedding preparation for the dress of your dreams and Motivation to achieve your aims.

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