Birthday Exclusive: Into the Life of Model & Vine Star Lara Sebastian

lara sebastian

Model, dancer and Vine star Lara Sebastian has collaborated with several Top Viners in short comedic skits. She has also featured in the reality series Beauties & the Boss in 2011.

She also featured in an Air New Zealand commercial and Far East Movement music video, both featuring Snoop Dogg.

On the special occasion of Lara’s Birthday on April 15, Women Fitness catches up with her to grab some fitness, fashion and motivational tips!
Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You are a Model, Dancer and Vine star who collaborates with several of the top Viners in short comedic skits. Tell us more about your incredible journey so far and how it all began?

Ms. Lara Sebastian:

I began dancing at the age of 11 in Calgary, Canada. I had a natural aptitude and passion for it right away and always knew it was something I would pursue. I moved to Vancouver, BC after high school to be a part of a dance company and continued my dance training under the best Canada has to offer.

After discovering that all of the major commercial dance auditions are held in LA, I decided this was my next move!
Once attaining a work visa to dance in the United States, I began auditioning with the best, for the best! I landed some amazing jobs including music videos, commercials and a guest performance on Dancing with the Stars!

Shortly after that career-making performance, I found myself collaborating with some of the top Youtubers and Viners in the world! With their help, I learned the formula to comedy and how to shoot, edit and produce my own skits.

Besides dancing, and modeling, I love being able to create content that makes me people laugh!

lara sebastian
Ms. Namita Nayyar:

Introduce us to a day in the life of “Lara Sebastian”?

Ms. Lara Sebastian:

A day in the life is hard to describe because it is vastly different day-to-day! I could be travelling the world to places like Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Asia, Iceland, the Virgin Islands. (Places I have visited this past year) I could be in Los Angeles attending auditions, workouts, hikes and meetings. I may be attending social events or out trying the newest restaurant! I’m a big Foodie!

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