An Interview with Hottest Fitness Model Tamarra Hay

Tamarra Hay was originally trained by Canadian IFBB Champion Mindi O’Brian, she won over 35 divisions and placed 2nd in the Open Bikini division at the 2010 SAF Challange in Toronto. She is mother of four children. Just after one year of her daughter birth she was 3rd in Masters Bikini at WBFF Eastern U.S. Championship in Boston. Same year she made to the Inside Fitness Magazine’s Hot and Fit 100 for two years in a row. She has blue /green eyes, 5ft5in in height and has blonde hairs. At present she is one of the Leading fitness model and inspiration to other fitness seeking mothers. She is having a place of pride in

Tamarra Hay is a fitness model, an actress, a WBFF Competitor, an author of Fit Mama blog and a SAF Elite Fitness Professional. She is in an exclusive interview with Namita Nayyar, President Women Fitness.

Ms. Nayyar:

As a mother of four children, taking a career in modeling and as a bikini competitor can be quite challenging. Tell us how you handled such a challenging situation in your life?

Ms. Tamarra:

As a mother, I believe it is very important to be a positive role model to my children. Teaching them how to eat clean, exercise regularly and showing them that determination can pay off, benefits all of us. We have great kids. My four kids and husband are my biggest supporters. It’s great to have my own built in cheering section when I hit the stage!

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