A Recipe for Success: Getting the Most Out of a Workout Session

Many people struggle to maintain or lose weight. If you’re serious about getting your body into shape a high-intensity or strength training workout combined with a healthy, energy-fueled diet can help you finally shed those unwanted pounds and create the lean, sculpted body you’ve always wanted.


Benefits of exercise

A vigorous workout two to three times per week increases your metabolism, gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. It improves circulation and stimulates HGH (human growth hormone) thereby helping you to burn calories at a higher rate long after the workout is over. Exercise also makes you sweat; naturally removing toxins from the body thus making you look more youthful. Research shows that it can also reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

High-intensity workout

The science behind a high-intensity workout is to get your body working to the highest level, then breaking and doing it all over again for 15-20 minutes. This type of workout burns the fat and preserves the muscle you already have so the weight you shed comes off without still looking unfit. The beauty of a high-intensity workout is that you can do it anytime and just about anywhere. You don’t need to use equipment, although certain types can speed up the process. You do things like bike ride, run, row and squats. The point is to work your body hard and then break and then pick it back up again.  Another means of working the body hard is by using a vibrating platform. In fact these amazing power plate benefits such as muscle building, balance, and improved flexibility come by holding your body in a variety of positions and poses. This method of working out pushes the body to its limits. Both types of exercise sessions are ideal for a busy lifestyle allowing you to get in an effective workout in 15-20 minutes.

Workout Session

Warming up before your workout

Getting your body limber before a workout, especially a high-intense one helps to improve your duration and performance. If you go from a total relaxed state cold with no adrenaline you could actually end up injuring yourself. Ligaments, muscles and tendons need to stretch and your heart rate should increase slowly to achieve the best results. Warm up exercises should cover all muscle groups in the body. Doing lunges, deep bends, toe touches and jumping jacks can help to loosen muscles and heat up your body.

Fueling your body

A healthy well-balanced diet is important to succeeding in any weight loss program and exercise program. Foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts and yogurt. Carbohydrates like whole grain pasta and crackers and brown rice are also good for the body. Try to avoid process foods and bad carbs like white bread, pasta, cereals and cookies and cakes that contain white flour. Fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamins A, C and E increase your level of energy and also contain antioxidants to improve your overall health.

Workout Session

If you want to lose the weight and retain your muscle mass, strength training and high-intensity workouts are two types of exercise sessions that can help you achieve your goals. Exercise alone will not give you the body you’ve always wanted. In order to lose the weight and keep it off, you need to stay on a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise 2 to 3 times a week.


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