Zhanna Striano: World’s Hottest Russian Model & Professional Bikini Competitor Reveals Her Workout Secrets


Zhanna Striano is a Model, Actress, Dancer, Bikini Pro Athete ANBF WNBF ( INBF), Professional bikini competitor and NPC competitor. She took part in fashion shows in Russia. She had done photo shoots with different photographers. She has been a model for Couture fashion week September 2013, 2014 and other fashion shows. She has been filmed in a background in Martin Scorsese movie – Wolf of the wall street. She is also a Belly dancer and a Pole dancer.

She graduated school with a medal and studied Law at Bashkir State University Ufa, Russia belonging to Class of 2009 and passed with red diploma, that means she had almost only A’s in her diploma. In university she participated in all kind of events from dancing and singing to working in a law firm of her professor. She compets in Physique championships in US. She is one of the owners of Soho lounge in Brooklyn.

She also did kickboxing at Lions Fight with Vahe Sahakyan, a five time world champion super heavy weight in kickboxing. And it is her favorite type of cardio.

Zhanna Striano is an exceptionally talented and World hottest Russian model and professional bikini competitor. She is a ANBF WNBF ( INBF) Professional bikini athlete. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

You were born at Ufa, Bashkir Republic, Russia. You participated in all sport events at school and later took physical education at University. You also studied law at Bashkir State University. When in US you were encouraged & motivated to compete in fitness competitions. You reached the pinnacle of success by becoming a ANBF WNBF ( INBF) Professional Bikini Athlete. Tell us about your journey that took you to the the world of fitness and in Professional Bikini competitions?

Ms. Zhanna Striano:

Yes I am ANBF WNBF ( INBF) Professional bikini athlete. I do bikini professional competitions. As you already mentioned I was into sports during my entire life but I was never doing sports on a professional level before. Since I moved to USA I am doing boxing, kickboxing, training in the gym. All these activities were my hobbies. Lately I decided to take my hobbies to another level : I took a trainer for weight training who started preparing me for bikini competitions.

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