Mona Arbinger: Winner Miss Pole Dance 2013 Secret of Success ‘Never Give Up!’

Mona is fascinated since childhood with sports and dance. She graduated in 2001 her first training as aerobics instructor. She has training in Group Fitness, Personal Fitness, Pilates, Healthy Back, ThaiBoRobix / Fila Kick Power, and Aqua uva. Mona worked for many well-known gyms in Austria and is the owner and founder of Pole Arts.

In June 2011, she completed the test in practice and theory for “Certified Dance’n Strip ® Classic & Floor Trainer” Nele Sehrt and are now an expert in original striptease movements combined with classical jazz techniques. A further concept of Nele Sehrt she has committed herself in July 2011 is the lap dance. A very sensual style of dance. In it now offers as a trained and certified trainer hours. 2012 finally came a training added in Chair Dance.

2014, she completed the “Professional Flexibility” training at Frederick van Laak.

Since 2009, Mona is a certified trainer for Polebatics ® and Austria’s first Polebatics ® Silver-trainer. Since 2010 Mona is in the international advisory team of Nele Sehrt for Polebatics ® training and received since 2012 she is performing self-training and acts as Polebatics ® Director Austria.Mona loves to train people and also carry their enthusiasm.


Shows & Performances

  • FIBO, X-Pole Girl for X-Pole Europe (Cologne, Germany)
  • Tattoo-Convention Hamburg by Endless Pain (Germany)
  • Gastauftritte Circus Pikard (Austria)
  • We women – VIPS in the Mange Circus Pikard – Charity (Austria)


  • Lets Dance for Life Charity (Austria)
  • Polehearts Charity (Germany)
  • Stöckl Live
  • Mulatschag Show (Austria)
  • Gastauftritte Circus Pikard (Austria)
  • FIBO, X-Pole Girl for X-Pole Europe (Cologne, Germany)


  • Puls4 – 4 Year celebration (Vienna Austria)
  • Nespresso-Gala “U & I” (Vienna, Austria)
  • FIBO, X-Pole Girl for X-Pole Europe (Essen, Germany)
  • 13. Internationale Tattoo-Convention by Endless Pain(Hamburg, Germany)
  • 09/2012 Pole Emotion – Poledance Show (Tcheque Republic)


  • FIBO, X-Pole Girl for X-Pole Europe (Germany)
  • “The great opportunity” (Vienna, Austria)
  • Brut Superb Night (Vienna, Austria)
  • 4 years Columbus Fitness (Vienna, Austria)
  • Arena-Ball (Vienna, Austria)


  • FIBO, X-Pole Girl for X-Pole Europe (Essen, Germany)
  • 12. Internationale Tattoo-Convention by Endless Pain (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Danube Island Festival on stage with “Royal Kombo” on the stage 88.6 (Vienna, Austria)


  • World Pole Dance Championship 2014 – Finalist
  • Miss Poledance Austria 2013 (Austria) – 1st Place Women Single Professionals
  • European Pole Sport Championship 2013 9th Place (Czech Republic)
  • Extreme Dance Championship 2013, Finalist
  • Pole Fitness Hungarian Open 2012 (Hungary) – 1st Place, Best International Athlete
  • The European Pole Dance Champion 2012 (Netherlands) – 3rd Place (Champion of Champions)
  • European Polesport Championship 2012 (Italy) – Finalist
  • The European Pole Dance Championship 2011 (Russia) – 11th Place Platz
  • Miss Pole Dance World 2011 (Hungary) – Semifinalist
  • The European Pole Dance Champion 2011 (Netherlands) – Finalist
  • Aerial Pole International 2011 (Switzerland) – Finalist
  • The European Pole Dance Champion 2010 (England) – Finalist
  • Miss Pole Dance World 2010 (Switzerland) – Semifinalist
  • Miss Aerial Pole International 2010 (Germany) – 1st Place Professionals

Mona Arbinger ‘Pole Arts’ has existed since January 2010 and is one of the pole dance pioneers of “zero hour” in Austria. Enhanced over the years acquired know-how and in-depth poles and additional training of their trainers can be found in the satisfaction of their long-time participants. Their goal is to share the fun and passion of this dance sport. It is their priority to teach proper technique, clean design and formfitting any content for individuals.

Austria’s Best Pole Dancer “Miss & Mister Pole Dance Austria Professional 2013” Mona Arbinger and Markus are coach or trainer at Poles Arts. Not the least, the level of awareness projects through participation in international competitions across national borders.

They offer a very intensive program geared to music, full body workout. The fun dancing where you can feel the intense hard training . The entire body, especially arms, stomach and back are intensively trained, strengthened and tightened. Pole Dance leaves the self-confidence to grow and creates a positive body image. The motivation is to be able to perform the dance, spins, tricks, etc elegantly and aesthetically.

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