Carlie Hunter: Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016 Reveals Her Workout & Diet Secrets

Carlie has been a pole dance instructor since 2005 and is the proud owner of The Pole Boutique. She has used her experience as a performer, personal trainer and group fitness instructor to develop her teaching style and classes. She holds a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, has over 10 years experience teaching both dance and fitness classes in various styles, as well as experience in different platforms of the performance industry.

In 2007 she entered her first competition winning the Miss Pole Dance SA title and competing at Miss Pole Dance Australia. After having a large break from pole dance performance and competition, Carlie rejoined the pole world in 2010 with more drive and passion than ever before, making the decision to make pole dance the prime focus in her life. She is now a proud ambassador for both X-POLE Australia and Dry Hands and wishes to use these roles to help educate people of the wonderful benefits that pole dance can bring. Carlie loves to create fun and innovative pole shows.

Her love for performance helped her to create the “Granny” routine for which she received the 2012 IPDFA “Choreographer of The Year Award”. She has since gone on to win several other titles including consecutive wins in the Australian Pole Championships and the 2012 IPC Ultimate Doubles Champion title. She loves and respects all styles of pole dance and believes individuality must be celebrated within the sport/art.

Carlie is the in house choreographer for one of Adelaide’s leading clubs, is a member of the performance group “The Pure Pole Elements” and has been performing regularly as a freestyle podium dancer since the age of 18. She has competed and performed all over the world in competitions, world pole expo’s and showcases and has trained with some of the worlds best pole dancers. She has a sound knowledge of safe progression style training for pole dance and fitness. Strength and dynamic movement is her pole and performance style.

Carlie Hunter Achievements in Pole Dancing

  • PWN International Pole Artist of the Year 2014
  • Miss Pole Dance Australia 3rd place 2014
  • IPC Australian Womens Representative 2013
  • Australian Pole Championships 1st Place 2012
  • IPDFA Choreographer of the Year 2012
  • Ultimate Doubles Champions – 1st place
  • International Pole Masters Cup 2nd place 2012
  • Pole World Cup Brazil 5th place 2012
  • Australian Pole Championships 1st Place 2011
  • Miss pole Dance Austrlaia1st Runner up 2012
  • Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles 1st Place 2012
  • International Pole Championship Singles Finalist 2012
  • Miss Pole Dance SA 2012- 1st Place
  • Miss Pole Dance SA 2011- 1st Place
  • Miss Pole Dance SA 2007- 1st Place
  • 4th place Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships, Freestyle women’s 2011
  • 3rd place Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships, Freestyle women’s 2010

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