Amanda Ruller: Running Back in the Legends Football League (LFL) for the Los Angeles Temptations Reveals Her Workout Secrets

Canada native Amanda Ruller is the true definition of the word Athlete. Her passion for speed and strength, Amanda dedicated her University years competing in CIS Track & Field at the University of Regina as a Sprinter. Amanda captured a number of National Standards and Sprint records, as well as acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. As being one of the top CIS 60 meter Sprinters, Amanda was approached by the Canadian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Community to compete in both winter sports.

Amanda is the current title holder of the Miss Southern Saskatchewan, Miss Bikini, Miss Talent, and Miss Congeniality, as well as top five for Miss Petite Canada. Currently Amanda is a Running Back in the Legends Football League (LFL) for the Los Angeles Temptations. During the offseason Amanda takes pride in helping others reach their fitness goals. As a certified personal trainer, Amanda specializes in strength and conditioning.

She has studied BSc Kinesiology, CSCS, CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), CSEP – Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP).

Amanda Ruller is exceptionally talented running back in the Legends Football League (LFL) for the Los Angeles Temptations. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

Tell us about your journey that took you to the world of fitness training and of being a Running Back in the Legends Football League for the Los Angeles Temptations?

Ms. Amanda Ruller:

Growing up I was always involved in sports and continued into college playing soccer as well as sprinted for the track and field team. I still have an extreme passion for sports and continue to stay fit by playing football competitively for the LFL. Having a background in sprinting is perfect for the running back position! There is no greater thrill than getting the ball and weaving through your opponents!

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